Company Overview


Welcome to SPL. A Leading Industrial Construction Company.

SHAARC PROJECTS LIMITED, promoted by professionals in the field of engineering & construction of large size plants and over Nucleus Competency as Below….

  • Power Plants
  • Commercial/Residential Buildings & Warehouses
  • Irrigation
  • Transport
  • Water & Waste Water Treatment
  • Gas Distribution

SHAARC PROJECTS LIMITED is a Public Limited Company
Offers Knowledge Based Managed Construction Services.

  • Established & Managed by Seasoned Engineering & Construction Professionals,Partner of Choice in Reliability, Flexibility, Speed, Maneuverability & Efficiency Adhering to Best in Class HSE Standards.
  • Civil, Structural, Fabrication & Architectural Works
  • Pipeline Lowering/Laying (Water, Hydrocarbon Industry)
  • Mechanical & Electrical Works for Oil & Gas Industry, Power Plants & Steel Plants


The values the organization aspires as a goal to achieve are minimum surveillance level from our valued customers hence reducing the construction cost which will be achieved through deployment of highly qualified and experienced staff and technicians, in place of traditional experienced personnel, deployment of appropriate cost effective, latest equipment.

Establishing a project specific quality control and assurance system in consultation with customer and getting approval of inspection and test plan indication review and hold points.

Achievement of targeted schedule within time frame, through meticulous scheduling of various activities entrusted, to the entire satisfaction of client.

Achieving a goal of zero accident lost man-hours by implementing a reasonable safety code throughout the project period.