Our Culture

Our culture

It’s really the people that make SHAARC PROJECTS LIMITED the kind of company it is. We hire people who are smart and determined, and we favor ability over experience.

Culture is important because “it is a powerful, latent, and often unconscious set of forces, that determine both our individual and collective behavior, ways of perceiving, thought patterns, and values.” Decisions made without awareness of these ‘operative culture forces’, may result in unanticipated and undesirable consequences. Culture needs to be taken seriously to help anticipate consequences and make choices about their desirability.

We identify at least six reasons why the study of an organization’s culture is important:

  • Culture focuses on communication at all levels of the corporate hierarchy, where individuals identify who they are in relation to one another and the organization, and where shared understandings form identifiable subgroups / sub-cultures.
  • Focusing on culture, one inevitably focuses on the daily routine and ‘sense-making that is the process of building identities and shared reality among organization members.
  • A cultural approach focuses on largely ignored issues such as assumptions and brings underlying values and motives to the surface.
  • The understanding of culture offers a better insight to the managers and leaders of organizations – not in order for them to better shape the culture, but to better understand and participate in the ‘sense-making’ activities of organization members.
  • Undertaking a cultural approach will help identify novel approaches and understandings of future organizations.
  • Culture is pervasive, not simply a variable that affects the organization, but indistinguishable from the organization.

The better understanding of culture “thus helps generate insight into the organizing activity that would be overlooked or presented differently in other approaches”.